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Arsenic Arch

Arsenic Arch Utah
Photo by Marcus Lodwick
Hidden inside Poison Spring Canyon is a little-known, rarely visited arch you can have all to yourself.  It is isolated on a small hill near the canyon rim.
Getting there
  • From Hanksville head south on UT-95 for 20 miles. 
  • Just opposite the Little Egypt access road, at ( 38.097175, -110.621594 ) turn east onto North Turkey Knob Rd a sandy track normally in good condition in dry weather.
  • There is a rocky wash to traverse after 1/2 mile, but the track becomes good after that.
  • With keen eyes, you can briefly spot the arch on the left-hand side from a hill located at about mile 4.6, just before the signpost for the Sahara Sands. 
There are a few pullouts near mile 5.2. at ( 38.097500, -110.540556 )
Photo note
Wide-angle lens help captures the arch close-up with the best time to photograph the arch is at or near sunset. At sunrise, it can take almost 1 1/2 hours for the arch to be lit up. 
From where you park, walk north for almost a mile toward the canyon. Follow the rim until you spot the arch, located about 60 feet below the rim. The hike is easy provided you can find your way down the cliffs. The safest spot to descend from the rim is about 0.3 mile southwest of the arch at ( 38.102500, -110.541389 ).  You have to skirt to the right NE around a deep canyon before you can reach the slickrock hill where the arch is located at ( 38.105555, -110.539105 ).

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Arsenic Arch Utah

Arsenic Arch

A little-known, rarely visited arch you can have all to yourself is hidden inside Poison Spring Canyon.

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