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Newspaper Rock

Newspaper Rock
The Indians called it Tse’ Hane – “The rock that tells a story”. There are about 650 individual petroglyphs caved in this large slab, regarded as one of the larger known collections of petroglyphs in the world. The panel sits behind a fence but you can get close enough to easily view it in detail.
The designs are eclectic ranging from human and animal figures to abstract shapes and symbols. Look for wagon wheel-like shapes and broad-shouldered figures with horns on their heads. There are deer, buffalo, bighorn sheep, snakes, and turtles.
It’s thought some of the first petroglyphs were inscribed on the rock up to 2000 years ago, then artwork accumulated here over a period of 2000 years, some newer carvings depict riders on horses with bows and arrows which would date them to about 650 years ago.
The images were created by a variety of cultures, including Archaic, Anasazi, Fremont, Navajo, Anglo, and Pueblo.
The ancient artists inscribed this rock surface by carefully pecking with sharpened tools to remove the desert varnish and expose the lighter rock beneath. The older figures are themselves becoming darker in color as new varnish slowly develops.
Binoculars to examine the artwork in detail
Getting there
Take Highway 191 south from Moab for 41 miles, turn right onto highway 211 heading west for 12 miles to a large parking lot on the right.
37.988325, -109.518501

The parking area for Newspaper Rock

From the south end of the parking lot, it’s a couple of minutes’ walk on a short path to the rock art.

Close up of some of the rock art on Newspaper Rock

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Newspaper Rock 2

Newspaper Rock

A famous rock panel carved with about 650 individual petroglyphs of abstract shapes and symbols to more recognizable human and animal figures

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